Building Confidence in the Future

Towards a framework for measuring national resilience

How do we know if [as a nation] we are properly geared up for resilience? “How do we know our efforts are well deployed?” “How do we know whether we are doing enough?

As the security, competitiveness, integrity, and wellbeing of countries come under increasing threat from multiple sources, it becomes ever more vital for governments to understand how well organized their nations are for resilience, whether efforts are successfully deployed, and if they are doing enough. Well-evidenced answers to these questions underpin more effective risk governance, more astute decision-making, and more targeted investment in preparedness.

Undertaken in partnership with the UK’s and drawing on different country practices, Building Confidence in the Futuresets out various lenses that support a broad view of national ambitions, capabilities, and mobilisation towards resilience outcomes. The report additionally highlights seven analytical approaches that can be deployed in combination with each other to generate insights into performance and progress.

Lenses for measuring national resilience

An exhibit showing the four lenses for measuring national resilience which shows how Powers and Governance, influencing Assets and Capabilities, and Coordination and Mobilisation, which imapct on another, and ultimately influence our Outcomes and Realities.

Building Confidence in the Future